Uncle Benjamin "Ben" Parker

Benjamin "Ben" Parker (ベンジャミン・“ベン”・パーカー, Benjamin "Ben" Pākā) or Uncle Ben was Peter Parker's deceased uncle and husband of Aunt May.

"With great power, there must also comes great responsibility!"

—Uncle Ben Parker.

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Voice Actor: Edward Asner (English), Not Known (Japanese), Not Known (Italian), Not Known (Spanish), Not Known (German), Not Known (Finnish), Not Known (Korean), Not Known (French), Not Known (Latin American Spanish)

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His age was at the late 50s' prior to the day he died.

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As he was a former soldier, it can be assumed that he has some knowledge in firearms and martial arts.

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Ben Parker possessed a normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.

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Ben was an inspiration for young Peter and the closest thing to a father he ever had. Unfortunately, Ben was fatally shot and killed by an armed burglar one night that Peter failed to stop and while defending his wife, May, during a break in at their house.

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His death has caused his nephew Peter Parker to preserve his legacy by doing what his uncle told him to do, defeat the snake, protect the weak, fight for right and the freedom to speak, which inspired his nephew to use his arachnid super-powers to crime-fighting as Spider-Man.

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