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Earth (地球, Chikyū), also known as Midgard, is a planet located in the same solar system as the Moon and Mars. It is the native home world populated by a wide variety of native organic lifeforms, such as the species known as humans, who are called Earthlings by non-natives. Earth's history is intertwined with its sister planet: Cybertron.

Earth is the home planet of the human race and it makes up the world that they live in as of now. Humans live and require certain things to live on Earth, like food, air and shelter, etc. It is also the former center of one of the Nine Realms, with a high concentration of superbeings.

The Earth receives a lot of attention from otherwordly beings: The Asgardians tend to use it as a hiding place for their artifacts, such as the Casket of Ancient Winters; and it has a long history of being targeted by time-travelling conquerors, ancient creatures, aliens, mutants, and the like.


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The Earth has a fragmented political system consisting of numerous countries, most of which are members of the United Nations. The planet is protected by a group known as the Justice League, who legally operate under a UN charter.

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  • Earth is also where mutants live.
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