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Wayne Enterprises, also known as Wayne Industries or Wayne Corporation, is a large multinational conglomerate corporation company based in Gotham City. Created, owned and run by members of the Wayne Family, the company is currently inherited and owned by Bruce Wayne and his wards, with the company's businesses run by chief executive officer, Lucius Fox, from Gotham City's Wayne Enterprises Building.

Wayne Enterprises is perhaps the only Gotham-based corporation to weather the city's earthquake and year of No Man's Land. The company ensured its continued survival by transferring the burden of its manufacturing to satellite facilities elsewhere. After fierce debate, the American congress reneged the No Man's Land and the ambitious "Billion Dollar Build-Up" Federal Works Project began, teaming LexCorp, S.T.A.R. Labs, Wayne Enterprises, Wayne Foundation and the US Army Corp of Engineers in rebuilding Gotham from the ground up.

Profits earned by Wayne Enterprises during NML were some for the first capital funds applied to the city's eventual rebuilding. Without hesitation, Wayne Enterprises exceeded Lex Luthor's investments in Gotham's future. Its subsidiaries include Wayne Tech.


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  • Along with S.T.A.R Labs, Wayne Enterprises is one of the largest corporations in the DC Universe.
  • All Wayne Enterprises buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes that register up to 8.5 on the Richter scale, allowing them to survive the 7.6 earthquake that hit and destroyed the majority of Gotham.
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